Fundamentals of Art

The Fundamentals of Art program was developed to include all popular art techniques and became recognized as one of the most extensive art study programs available today. The Fundamentals of Art program covers the critical elements that you will need to be able to draw anything from life. Each lesson builds on the last and takes you into new areas to constantly challenge you and expand your abilities. Your instructors are trained, professional artists with a wide variety of experiences and specialties. They hold varied degrees in art. Instructors are available to answer any questions you may have on your lessons.

In the first eight lessons you will be studying the basics of art concepts – accuracy of size, use of basic shapes, proportions and value, contrast and tone, stroke development and pencil techniques. Already at this point, you will be able to turn your newly learned art techniques into successful art projects.

Continuing your progress through the program, you will master ink techniques and color application, cartooning, design and composition while learning to draw animals and the human figure. By now you will be able to draw anything from life.

After you have completed all lessons you will be sent a Certificate of Completion. Your certificate can function however you would like. You can place it in your art portfolio to show potential clients, or you may apply to a traditional school of your choice. The American Council on Education has recommended to over 3,000 colleges and universities throughout the U.S. to grant up to 24 college credits. College credit is based on the grades achieved and proficiency level showing in a student’s portfolio at the time of college application. Keep in mind the acceptance for transfer of academic credits is determined by the receiving institution.